“Our daughter is able to attempt to swim underwater and grasp for the wall!  Coach Valery was terrific at explaining how I can continue with my daughter’s training at home.  Valerie was good with Liv; she was compassionate and still got results” – AquaTot Graduate Liv’s Mom

“AquaChamps is excellent at teaching young kids!  Coach Tommy was patient, kind and caring.  Hannah did a great job and was excited about swimming!” – AquaTot Graduate Hannah’s Mom

” AquaChamps has a friendly and understanding staff with great trainers!  Coach Gigi was amazing with Christian, and gave us great tips to practice at home.  We liked how gentle Gigi treated Christian.  Thank you!” – AquaTot Graduate Christian’s Mom

“I’ve always known you guys do impressive work, but it really struck me this morning.  Alexander is in a camp that includes 30-minute morning swim lessons. I watched this morning, and he is full of gusto, jumping in toward the instructor, eager to swim and kick and grab toys.  Everyone there said how much he enjoys swimming.  Sometimes at AquaChamps we can lose track of all the skills he’s learning.  But they are extensive, and you structure rich lessons.  So thank you!” -Matthew Strozier

“I am blown away by how efficient and wonderful this entire program is! It has put me at such ease knowing Alden is being taught to save his life” – AquaTot Graduate Alden’s Mom

“Our swimmer learned quicker then we thought!  I loved seeing Kevin swimming without any fear!  Thank you so much for everything!” – AquaTot Graduate Kevin’s Mom

“I think the teaching technique and philosophy is fantastic! Every staff member is wonderful and caring.  Thank you so much!” – AquaTot Graduate Happy Mom

“In one week my son is swimming! He was scared of the pool because of a previous bad experience and now he is so comfortable and confident. Coach Cody was very patient with Brodie and created a relationship with him. Brodie really looks up to him.” – AquaTot Graduate Brodie’s Mom