The legendary Coach Jack Nelson

The legendary Coach Jack Nelson

AquaChamps Swim School has partnered with Hammerhead Aquatics to provide a seamless transition for those swimmers ready for the competitive swimming world.  Practices are offered Sunrise Middle School.

“When is my child ready for the swim team?”

Different programs have different answers to this question. Our program has an extensive history and legacy  of success in competitive swimming, it is our belief that swimmers are usually ready for the swim team at around age 9 or when they can demonstrate to their coach the emotional and physical readiness for the demands of competitive swimming.  Swimmers on the team must be able to legally swim 25 yards of each stroke without stopping; as well as knowledge of a flip turn and racing start.

Many programs will take children as young as 5 onto a competitive swim team; however, these are also usually the programs that do not retain their swimmers due to being “burned out” at such a young age.  We believe in creating swimmers who swim for life!

For more information on the swim team, please contact Coach Dan (AquaChamps Head Coach) at 954-561-4844.